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BigOmics is focused on one thing — helping life scientists see and understand their omics data. Our mission is to create smart tools and make advanced omics analysis accessible to everyone.

Biology needs help

Life scientists are drowning in data from their omics experiments. These data hold the key to new scientific discoveries and promise to revolutionize health care. However, current tools are just too difficult to use and the analysis takes too much time, therefore keeping back new discoveries.

Democratize omics analytics

Our solution: make omics analytics easy. We’ve built self-service analytics platforms for big omics data that empower life scientists with powerful but easy-to-use interactive dashboards so that they can explore and analyze their data themselves. Democratize omics analytics.

Speed up discovery

Shift your discovery process into high gear. Before, it could take weeks or months to make sense of your omics data. Now, with our platforms, your data is analytics-ready within minutes, and you can start exploring and get results right away.

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We are excited to announce our sponsorship at the [BC]2 conference that will take place at the Congress Center Basel and online. The conference is organized by the Swiss Institute …