Curing diseases with Big Omics Data

We love Biology. We love Big Data. Our passion is to better understand Biology through Big Data, to find new cures and to accelerate the transition to data-driven precision medicine. Let’s together endeavour a world without cancer and complex diseases.

Our mission

At BigOmics, we are focused on one thing — empowering biologists to easily visualize and understand their omics data. Our mission is to create smart tools and make advanced omics analysis accessible to everyone.

Biology needs help

Biology needs help

Life scientists are drowning in data from their omics experiments.  Analysis is slow and current tools are often too difficult to use keeping back new discoveries.

Omics data analysis software - Omics Playground

Democratize omics analytics

Our solution is to make omics analytics easy. We developed easy-to-use and interactive platforms for life scientists to see and understand their omics data in a few clicks.

omics data analysis bottleneck

Speed up omics data discovery

Before it would take weeks or months to make sense of your omics data. With Omics Playground, your data is analytics ready in minutes.

Our story

BigOmics Analytics was founded
Co-founders of BigOmics Analytics at the StartCup Ticino competition

BigOmics won the third prize in the StartCup Ticino competition (now BoldBrain) for the best startup business idea with our vision to democratize big data analysis in life science research.

BigOmics Analytics was founded by Ivo Kwee and Murodzhon Akhmedov as a spin-off of the Institute of Oncology Research (Switzerland).

Omics Playground was launched
Omics Playground Platform

We launched our first product the Omics Playground, an easy-to-use and interactive platform for the analysis of omics data that reduces the time spent on analysis and frees up more time for discovery.

Raised CHF 2.7M total funding
Investors of BigOmics Analytics: TiVenture, Adm partners, alchemis accelerator, Champion Hill Ventures, Acequia Capital, Eppendorf.

BigOmics raised a total of 2.7M CHF of investment and gained its first enterprise clients. For more information about investors click here.

Supporting over 600 life scientists worldwide
A selection of clients using Omics Playground by BigOmics.

We are striving to support scientists in the life science industry and academic labs providing tools for them to to fast-track their discovery process by easily analyzing data from their experiments.