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Omics Playground is a user-friendly bioinformatics software that allows you to visualize your omics data. 

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Fast and interactive visualizations

Bioinformatics and computational biology software ideal for both biologists and bioinformaticians.


increase in collaboration effectiveness

«The advantage of Omics Playground is not only that it speeds up the analysis of the data, but it also shows up later when additional requests for data analysis of the same data sets come from the researchers. Without the software, this would cost me a lot of time again, but with the platform I can do it easily and quickly. »
Simone Moro
Bioinformatician, IRB


Results you can trust

Omics Playground uses best-in-class methods and algorithms for each analysis step, ensuring robust and reproducible results. 


in Decision Confidence Index

« We tried different solutions and found the BigOmics platform provided the best and most trustworthy results. »
Dr. Vlada Zakharova
Senior Scientist, Valerio Therapeutics



Explore your data interactively.

Want to know more? Download the software overview and full list of features.

Biomarker Analysis

Cluster Features

Gene Ontology

Gene Ontology

Expression Analysis

Expression Analysis

Drug Connectivity Analysis

Find Similar Experiments

and many more.

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faster analysis
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Unlock the full potential of your RNA-seq and proteomics data!

Frequently asked questions

Omics Playground is designed to facilitate the collaboration and communication between bioinformaticians and biologists in your team. Bioinformaticians can off-load repetitive tasks such as data exploration, filtering tables, and creating graphs to other key members thanks to our intuitive interfaces. Biologists can spend less time on data analysis and more time on discovery, without requiring any coding skills or bioinformatics expertise. Omics Playground also ensures robust and reproducible results with best-in-class methods and algorithms for each analysis step.

The pricing of Omics Playground depends on you analysis needs. You can choose between two types of subscriptions: Pro and Enterprise. Pro is the best choice for individuals, while Enterprise is for teams (4+ users). You can compare subscriptions and request a quote here.

Omics Playground supports both bulk and single-cell RNA-Seq and proteomics data analysis. You can perform various tasks such as differential expression, clustering, compare datasets, find similar experiments from public datasets and more. You can also customize your analysis by choosing from multiple methods and parameters for each test.

You can access Omics Playground from any device with an internet connection. You just need to create an account at and upload your read counts to start your analysis. You can also use our demo dataset to try out the platform features. For more information on how to prepare your data for Omics Playground click here.

You can upload up to 5 datasets (max. 100 samples per dataset) for free! Once you reach this limit there are several options available, contact us to learn more.

Omics Playground uses best-in-class methods and algorithms for each analysis step, ensuring robust and reproducible results. For more information on methods you can also refer to this documentation.