Our self-service platforms are our core product offerings. However if you need bespoke services for your project, our experts can certainly help you.

Bioinformatics consulting

BigOmics Analytics has in-depth understanding and practical experience at all steps of the data analysis biological data. Our team includes PhD-level biologists and bioinformaticians that are trained to translate customer questions into appropriate analysis methodology. In terms of specialization, the team covers a very broad range of techniques including

  • Statistical analysis and experimental design,
  • Bioinformatics pipeline and algorithm development,
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence,
  • Courses in bioinformatics and programming in R/Bioconductor.

Scientific programming

When proper methodologies for analyzing data are identified, software implementations are needed to perform the actual analysis. BigOmics Analytics has a skilled team of data scientists that combine strong methodological skills with solid algorithmic know-how to bring scientific programming problems to a good end. Examples of scientific programming tasks are:

  • Implementation of methods from the research papers. In some circumstances, research papers describe methodologies that are not readily available and BigOmics Analytics has appropriate depth of skills and experience to implement such methods straight from the research paper.
  • Development of custom algorithms. Often, implementations are readily available, but in some cases an algorithm needs to be developed from scratch and requires expert programming expertise.
  • Code review and optimization. When you have bugs in your code, require someone to check your code, or want to improve your coding skills, we can help you reviewing your code and optimize your application.

Custom platform development

Software for data science applications has specific requirements and may need specific technology to conveniently bring the results of analysis algorithms to end users or integrate these with other components in a given software landscape. BigOmics Analytics typically works on:

  • Development of customized platforms and data visualization,
  • Automation of data processing and interactive analyses.