DNAnexus and BigOmics Analytics Join Forces to Improve Proteomics and Transcriptomics Data Visualization and Interpretation

Published on August 2nd, 2023
by BigOmics

Complete collaborative environment with intuitive interface addresses common analysis challenges to help accelerate transition from scientific discovery to data-driven precision medicine.

LUGANO, Switzerland and MOUNTAIN VIEW, California – August 02, 2023 – BigOmics Analytics, the Swiss biomedical data analysis startup, today announced a collaboration with DNAnexus Inc., the leading provider of cloud-based genomic and biomedical data access and companion analysis software. As part of the agreement, BigOmics’ collaborative analysis environment, Omics Playground, is now available on the DNAnexus precision health data platform, providing customers with a fully integrated solution to better understand large-scale proteomics and transcriptomics data.

BigOmics is an omics data visualization company. The Omics Playground platform offers intuitive visualization and interpretation tools for exploring RNA sequencing and proteomics data. DNAnexus is the data cloud for precision health, allowing researchers to store, access, and explore large sets of proteomic, transcriptomic, genomic, phenotypic, imaging, and other structured data.

Omics Playground provides DNAnexus users with an interactive interface for visualizing gene and protein expression activity patterns. Biologists can easily and quickly explore their experimental data, while bioinformaticians can offload repetitive tasks.

Moreover, organizations benefit from reduced overhead costs and the fostering of a data-driven scientific culture. Omics Playground standardizes the omics data analysis process, ensuring the delivery of robust and reproducible results.

“Due to the many recent advances in various data generation technologies, life scientists can quickly find themselves buried in large-scale RNA-seq and proteomics data. The analysis process can be slow and current tools are often too difficult to use,” said Murodzhon Akhmedov, PhD, Co-founder and CEO at BigOmics. “This collaboration with DNAnexus combines our intuitive interface with DNAnexus’ industry-leading, integrated, out-of-the-box solution. Any biologist or bioinformatician around the world will be able to perform advanced omics analysis in a few easy clicks.”

Today, DNAnexus has more than 40,000 registered users across 48 countries and actively manages and supports more than 80 petabytes of complex proteomic, genomic, multi-omic, and clinical datasets on behalf of a growing network of collaborators. Its comprehensive cloud platform meets the most rigorous industry standards for data quality, security, privacy, and regulatory compliance.

“DNAnexus remains committed to working with innovative companies like BigOmics that can help make it easier for our customers to harness the power of biomedical data to advance scientific discovery, accelerate precision medicine, and improve patient care,” said Richard Daly, CEO at DNAnexus. “This collaboration will help to eliminate bottlenecks in the analysis of RNA-seq and proteomics data and enable our customers to extract valuable data-driven insights that can lead to the development of new personalized, omics-based treatments.”

About DNAnexus

DNAnexus is a leading provider of secure, scalable, and intuitive biomedical data analysis software and bioinformatics applications for the life sciences and healthcare communities. The company actively manages and supports more than 80 petabytes of complex genomic, multi-omic, and clinical datasets on behalf of a growing network of collaborations with large-scale biobanks, as well as leading pharmaceutical, clinical diagnostic, academic research, and government organizations. Scientists across 48 countries are now using the highly collaborative, cloud-based, end-to-end platform to gain data-driven insights that can advance scientific discovery, accelerate precision medicine, and improve patient care. For more information on DNAnexus, please visit http://www.dnanexus.com or follow the company @DNAnexus.

About BigOmics Analytics

BigOmics Analytics, a Swiss company, envisions democratizing biomedical data analysis in digital healthcare to accelerate scientific discoveries in medicine. Its comprehensive platform empowers biologists with intelligent analysis software, enabling effortless omics data exploration. Through its collaborative analysis platform, researchers can interactively share data and insights, fostering efficient collaboration.

Notably, BigOmics expedites tertiary analysis, reducing bioinformaticians’ routine tasks, and freeing them for more complex challenges. Additionally, biologists gain direct interaction with their experimental data, further enhancing collaboration dynamics.

With a strong commitment to accessibility, BigOmics Analytics already supports over 1,000 life scientists, aiming to make advanced omics analysis universally attainable. For more information, visit http://www.bigomics.ch.

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