Security and Privacy

at BigOmics Analytics

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Security and Privacy at BigOmics

Executive Summary

BigOmics offers cloud-based software solutions that allow biotech and pharma companies to analyze omics data for research and development (R&D). These products are trusted by companies across the globe that operate in highly regulated industries, including biopharmaceuticals and industrial biotechnology.

Customers rely on BigOmics’ systems to securely analyze critical data and advance their research. Because BigOmics considers its commitment to protecting customer data central to its mission, the company employs advanced security and privacy measures for data protection.

This document aims to give insights to safety, quality, compliance, IT professionals, and R&D leaders interested in understanding BigOmics’ security posture, including details on technical, operational, and organizational controls.

This document aims to help customers understand primary considerations in all the following areas:

  1. Product Security
  2. Operational Security
  3. Privacy
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