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Why Omics Playground

Easy to use and interactive omics data analysis platform

Easy-to-use and interactive

Omics Playground is user-friendly. Analyze your RNA-Seq and proteomics data with just a few clicks.

Cloud-based omics data analysis platform. Omics Playground.

Accessible anywhere

The platform is a cloud-based solution that allows you to store and analyze your omics data anywhere.

Robust and reproducible results with Omics Playground, your omics data analysis platform

Robust and reproducible results

Get robust and reproducible results with multiple best-in-class methods for each test. 

Omics analysis for everyone

Biologist generating RNA Seq and proteomics data

For Biologists

Spend less time on data analysis and more time on discovery. Your RNA-Seq and proteomics data are just a click away. Zero coding required. 

Bioinformatician working with Omics Playground

For Bioinformaticians

Off-load repetitive tasks like data exploration, filtering tables, and creating graphs to other key members thanks to our intuitive interfaces.

Team of Biologists and Bioinformaticians exploring their omics data with Omics Playground

For Institutions

Reduce overhead costs. No need to maintain hardware, install software or update versions. Let us take care of that!

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How to get started

With Omics Playground

Step 1

Signup at playground.bigomics.ch

Use your Gmail account or your institutional email.

Step 2

Upload your data

Upload an example dataset or your own RNA-Seq or proteomics data. Store up to 3 datasets for free!

Step 3

Analysis module for RNA-Seq and proteomics data analysis in Omics Playground

Have fun exploring!

Start exploring your data. Chat with us if you need help. We are here to support you.


Tools like Omics Playground are convenient when you want to easily analyze and interact with your RNA-Seq and proteomics data. It allows you to get an overview of your data while giving you the flexibility to decide how deep you want to go with your analysis. Plus, Omics Playground is cloud-based which means you can access it anytime and anywhere.

You can analyze bulk RNA-Seq and proteomics data.

Create a free account at playground.bigomics.ch using your institutional email address. Once signed in, you can upload and analyze your data right away.

You can upload up to 3 datasets (max. 100 samples per dataset) for free! Once you reach this limit there are several options available, contact us to learn more.