Intuitive and Easy-To-Use Omics Data Analysis

Using Human Brain Organoids for Drug Screening

Intuitive and easy-to-use omics data analysis - Mariana case study


A leading interdisciplinary research institute in Boston with an expert team of >350 full-time staff uses biological design principles to develop new engineering innovations that have the potential to transform medicine and solve healthcare and environmental challenges.

By bridging the gap between science and industry and mimicking biological principles of self-organization and self-regulation, scientists are developing breakthrough technological solutions in diverse fields such as healthcare, energy, architecture, robotics, and manufacturing. 

The goal is to turn these into commercial products and therapies through the creation of new startups and corporate alliances.


Outsourcing data analysis to external service providers or internal bioinformaticians caused a time bottleneck and was not flexible enough. The researchers needed to visualize more and dig deeper into the data themselves.

With previously used software it was complicated or impossible to create many diagrams at the same time. The researchers needed a solution that would allow them to upload many data sets and run multiple comparisons simultaneously.

A solution was needed that suggests which biostatistical tests to run while also being intuitive to use.

Results with Omics Playground

It was observed that treatment really affected protein expression compared to healthy, untreated samples.

Several specific protein targets and pathways have already been identified.

Significant time savings and flexibility in the analysis of omics data could be achieved.

Intuitive and easy-to-use omics data analysis - Mariana case study
“The BigOmics team supported us very well. From the beginning, the team got in touch to ask if there were any issues. Not only in terms of usability, but they also had a scientist who had done experiments similar to ours who guided us on what was useful to do. So it wasn't just about the biostatistical help, but also the biological insight.”
Research Assistant - Human Cerebral Organoids