Flexible, Trusted and User-Friendly Omics Data Analysis

Revolutionizing Novel Cancer Drug Discovery with Omics Data Analysis


Valerio Therapeutics is a clinical-stage biotechnology company developing novel oncology drugs targeting DNA repair mechanisms. The company’s focus is on the development of anticancer drugs for various types of cancer. 

The approach is based upon unique mechanisms of action on DNA damage response and focuses on bringing first-in-class and disruptive compounds from preclinical research to proof-of-concept in man in cancer indications with high unmet needs. 

Valerio Therapeutics seeks to transform breakthrough scientific opportunities into treatments through translational and clinical expertise, developing products to the stage where they are compelling opportunities for partners. 

The company is convinced of the significant therapeutic potential of its decoy oligonucleotide technology and the disruptive innovation it represents, which could pave the way for a new paradigm in cancer treatment.


The lack of standardization for transcriptome and proteome analysis in the literature made it difficult to obtain consistent and reliable results.

Reliance on external bioinformaticians and analysis services often resulted in time constraints, delays, and additional costs as specialists had to be re-engaged to make changes or perform new analyses.

Working with various bioinformatics tools was time-consuming and challenging, especially for biologists without programming skills. Without access to analysis results and a flexible, easy-to-use analysis solution, the team could not efficiently explore and interpret data.

Results with Omics Playground

Increased flexibility, time savings, and trust in data analysis.

Significant time savings in the analysis of omics data while improving quality.

The team was no longer dependent on the availability of a bioinformatician because the analysis tools in Omics Playground are intuitive to use.

computational biologist analyzing RNA-seq and proteomics data analysis using Omics Playground
“We tried different solutions and found the BigOmics platform provided the best and most trustworthy results.”
Dr. Vlada Zakharova
Senior Scientist, Valerio Therapeutics