BigOmics to assist Remix Therapeutics with omics data analysis in their mission to reprogram RNA processing

Remix Therapeutics is a Boston-based biotechnology company developing novel small molecule therapies for reprogramming RNA processing and treating disease in entirely new ways. As protein targeting therapies reach the limits of what can be easily druggable, reprogramming RNA processing offers an exciting new therapeutic opportunity. While protein dysfunction is often the direct cause of disease, the root of this dysfunction often begins in a person’s genetic code with changes in DNA and subsequent RNA expression. 

Powered by their proprietary REMaster technology platform, Remix designs novel small molecules to precisely target the cellular complexes that process RNA to combat the underlying disease drivers, with an emphasis on upstream of protein expression. These innovative therapeutic medicines target RNA processing to fine-tune how new RNA sequences are produced and they are designed to be taken orally to allow therapeutic modulation throughout the body, including the central nervous system (CNS). Targeting RNA processing has the potential to address a broad range of diseases including cancers, CNS diseases, rare diseases and more.

As BigOmics Analytics, we are pleased to assist Remix with omics data analysis in their mission to reprogram RNA processing. With our platforms, we support BioTech & Pharma companies, as well as academic laboratories, in the field of data-driven therapeutics and precision medicine. Omics Playground is our flagship platform for visualizing and analyzing transcriptomics and proteomics data types.

“We do a lot of custom scripting and processing of our data obviously, so being able to reduce the time we spend on routine analysis is pretty key for us. As computational biologists we are quite busy… It (Omics Playground) takes out a lot of behind the scenes time from our side.”

Christy R., Computational Biologist @ Remix

BigOmics aims to fast-track omics data analysis processes and significantly reduce discovery time up to tenfold. Our governed self-service analytics (GSSA) platforms enable omics data analysis stakeholders to communicate in an interactive manner instead of exchanging static reports. They allow bioinformaticians to delegate part of their routine workload to biologists, while empowering the latter to take more control of their data analysis through a user-friendly interface. Our GSSA platforms are a win-win proposition for both biologists and bioinformaticians at enterprises and balance data quality and analysis agility.

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