Meet us at BioData & Genomics Live World Congress!

We are excited to announce that we are exhibitors at the BioData & Genomics Live World Congress in Basel. BioData World covers big data in pharmaceutical development and healthcare. Genomics Live, which will be co-located with BioData, covers all parts of precision medicine, multi-omics and diagnostics.

Introducing Omics Playground, our cloud-based analysis software for your RNA-se and proteomics data. The platform supports bioinformaticians by helping to accelerate routine RNA sequencing and proteomics data analysis. How? As a bioinformatician, you’ve probably experienced this before: there were many requests from the biologists on your team to generate figures and make visual changes to plots you just created. With Omics Playground, you can now delegate data visualization and exploration and focus your time on more important tasks.

Upload your data to Omics Playground and share it with your team. Biologists can now visualize and interact with data from their RNA-seq and proteomics experiments without time-consuming back-and-forth communication that slows the discovery process.

Meet us at Booth 19A and learn more about how Omics Playground can accelerate your omics data analysis.

About BigOmics

BigOmics Analytics is a Swiss startup that develops software for the analysis and interpretation of omics data. Founded in 2018, BigOmics strives to support life scientists like you by providing you with state-of-the-art tools to easily visualize and understand data from your experiments.

Our flagship platform, Omics Playground, empowers bioinformaticians to offload repetitive RNA-Seq and proteomics data analysis and empowers biologists to visually explore their data, enhancing collaboration within biotech, pharma, and academic teams. Stay up to date with the latest news about BigOmics platforms and content. Subscribe to our newsletter.