OmicsNet: a Solution for Integrating Multi-Omics Data

Integrative analysis of heterogeneous omics data is essential to obtain a comprehensive overview of otherwise fragmented information and to better understand dysregulated biological pathways leading to a specific condition. One of the major challenges in systems biology is to develop computational methods for proper integration of multi-omics datasets.

We propose OmicsNet that uses a multilayer network for the integration and analysis of multi-omics data of heterogeneous types. Each layer of the multilayer network represents a certain data type: input layers correspond to genotype features and nodes in the output layer correspond to phenotypes, while intermediate layers may represent genesets or biological concepts to facilitate functional interpretation of the data. OmicsNet then calculates the highest coefficient paths in multilayer network from each genomic feature to the phenotype by computing an integrated score along the paths. These paths may indicate the most plausible signalling cascade caused by perturbed genotype features leading to a particular phenotype response. With example applications, we illustrate the potential power of OmicsNet in the functional analysis, biomarker discovery and drug response prediction in personalized medicine using multi-omics data.

“OmicsNet: Integration of Multi-Omics Data using Path Analysis in Multilayer Networks.” Akhmedov M, Arribas A, Montemanni R, Bertoni F, Kwee I. BiorXiv. December 2017. doi: